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Towards o fell just after a thirteen day siege ultimately causing most of the people in the fort as often murdered otherwise injured (Wood). The newest half a dozen injured dudes just who lasted brand new assault were caught, and you may Santa Anna got all of them executed at that moment (Wood). Their “take-no-prisoners” coverage is initialized.

Precisely how the newest Alamo is actually beaten raised the defenders to legendary updates. It is the absolute most infamous knowledge into the Colorado record. Multiple films have been made about the beat. Along with the Alamo determined the text of your own Ballad of your Alamo that has been recorded by Marty Robbins.

The next flow following the Alamo try eastern toward fort during the Goliad (take a look at a chart) underneath the order off Colonel Fannin. He had invested every cold temperatures strengthening their command and preparing for war; yet not, if the Alamo expected assist Fannin refused. Then when Santa Anna stumbled on Goliad, Fannin packed up, and then he along with his men retreated east for the the usa boarder. They recalled everything but restaurants. A few hours later, this new North american country military swept up and you can quickly encircled Fannin’s command. Just after a preliminary challenge, Fannin surrendered. The guy and his awesome dudes was in fact marched back once again to Goliad and, a week later, was provided away to the a field and you can try (O’Connor). Three almost every other departments of your Texas military had been plus executed by the latest Mexicans: one in San Patricio and two one to returned to Goliad immediately following the newest give up (O’Connor).

These people were staunch dudes who have been “blazing, assaulting crazy” (Lord 191)

At first Santa Anna’s policy off performance sent the required effect; all of the Texans ran into the the brand new Western border (look for map). Although not, their policy backfired. All weakened hearted Texan soldiers quit brand new army making just the tough key men. The way the Alamo try lost and additionally was the cause of left Texan military getting even more calculated. That they had let the Alamo off by the maybe not sending reinforcements. They would not let her down once again (Lord 191). The following ending up in Santa Anna do prove a separate lead.

Nothing was finished except promote this new Texans for the next time

The second battle try towards an area when you look at the an effective bayou muslima datum second on San Jacinto Lake throughout the halfway between San Antonio and you will the fresh Louisiana border. Santa Anna destroyed it race by simply stupidity. For the April 20, 1836, Colonel Sidney Sherman, leader of Texan cavalry, skirmished to your North american country military nonetheless added of the Santa Anna (Kemp). The fresh Mexicans used this new Tx army across the Vince’s link that Texans punctually cut-down thus cutting-off their best way from refrain (Battle). The next day, April 21, presented zero indication of Texan interest, so Santa Anna purchased the fresh new troops in order to bunch the latest guns and you can get some rest. The fresh cavalry together with dismounted and ate meal (Lord 195).

In the four o’clock regarding the afternoon, while the North american country camp slept, the new Texan army open flame along with their a couple of six-pound cannons. The whole Texan range surged give shouting “Recall the Alamo!” “Consider Goliad!” (Kemp). The attacking try very intense. The fresh new Texans were inspired from the their anger to the ways Santa Anna had murdered visitors he seized. These were very enraged you to definitely General Houston, chief of your Texan army, don’t want the fresh Tejanos, Mexicans just who sided towards Texans, to fight while the the guy dreaded the Texans would not differentiate anywhere between friend and foe during the battle. The new Tejanos planned to endeavor and ran to the competition putting on cardboard signs in their hats to exhibit that they was indeed for the Texan front (Marks). About eighteen minutes out-of battle, the brand new North american country camp are turned into a bloodstream bath. The Mexican troops you certainly will perform try lose on the legs and shout, “Me personally zero Alamo! Myself zero Goliad!” (Kemp). Seven-hundred Mexicans was indeed murdered and another 730 drawn prisoner (Battle), with no Mexicans fled from the area.

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