He’ll give the fresh delegation the bride must be pulled care of

Shortly after their particular welcome, the fresh oldest involving the bride’s loved ones (usually their own father’s cousin) will show the fresh bride to be to your abusuapanyin (lead of your own groom’s loved ones).

Engagement Top (Kente)

The wedding dress, called brand new Kente, is a crucial part from a good Ghanaian traditional marriage. An excellent Kente is actually a colorful piece of material which is indigenous toward Ashanti group of Ghana. The newest Kente includes silk and you will thread and features brilliant tone and you may in depth models.

In the engagement ceremony, the fresh bride and groom wear complimentary Kente clothes. The new Kente can be produced by this new groom’s loved ones, plus it serves as symbolic of the brand new https://getbride.org/no/blog/dominikanske-datingsider/ couple’s union. The fresh Kente is usually passed off one generation to another and you will is extremely respected inside Ghanaian community.

Lately, brides have begun to add modern appearances within their Kente gowns. Certain brides like to incorporate lace or embroidery on their Kente, while some pick a more sophisticated build. Long lasting build, brand new Kente stays an important part of one’s Ghanaian antique matrimony.

Bride to be Price

The fresh new bride pricing is about number since it is the only routine one finishes good Ghanaian wedding ceremony itself. A man can get skip the way of life, culture, and you can required steps.

But so long as he will pay the fresh new bride rates completely, the woman is lawfully his wife centered on people and you can law. New belongings in brand new bride’s price otherwise dowry trust the newest tribe and neighborhood.

If you are money is prevalent in a lot of Ghanaian cultures, most other dowry models were farm dogs particularly cattle, goats, otherwise sheep otherwise gold and silver such as for instance gold.

Particular family desire discover a great token sum which shows the brand new fulfillment in the society to help make the Ghanaian matrimony good less than rules and you will custom.

Significantly less than Akan individualized, and the bride to be speed, the fresh groom’s entourage might also want to expose this new akontasekan (money) on the bride’s brothers and male cousins in the event the she is the only women youngster on the relatives.


Vofofo was a community by Ewe in which one out of marital many years sends a pot of palm wine to your dad regarding their meant.

As the father receives this hand drink, the guy asks new groom’s messengers to return to have their answer from inside the a month.

It timeframe provides the bride’s dad enough time he has to find out about the potential groom, their status, with his household members. Whether your bride’s mothers is actually happy with the groom’s family members history and you will make, it agree to the newest marriage’s abilities.

Presentation away from Kola

The newest demonstration regarding kola is found on so it record once the kola freak is the lifeblood and you will spirit of many West African societies, and additionally wedding ceremonies.

The latest eldest member of the group requires this new kola while offering prayers. The fresh new kola nut are damaged into the bits and you can gets distributed to this new collecting, throughout the extremely elderly to your youngest.

In case your bride’s household members accepts the wedding offer, both take a chew of your kola since a sign out of recognition.

The fresh Engagement Number

This is actually the an element of the Ghana matrimony tradition brand new bridegroom is extremely careful of. The latest notorious list. The latest involvement list isn’t to be confused with this new speech regarding merchandise on bride’s relatives.

The fresh new wedding checklist contains all the items expected to pacify the fresh neighborhood to your giving away the brand new daughter to your bridegroom.

It involvement checklist while the gift suggestions within this try out-of higher benefits in the event the bridegroom is of a separate region otherwise group. If bride-to-be marries the groom, she gets a person in his area and no expanded the people away from their unique father.

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