Macaw Description, Habitat, Image, Diet, and Interesting Facts


Please follow the below instructions on how to get an Elastic IP and assign it to the platform instance. HTTP and HTTPS rules – This is to allow HTTPS access to macaw console portal. Their species was hypothesized due to a 1630s description by explorer Jacques Bolton who described seeing blue and orange Macaws. No one knows for sure when they went extinct, but most tend to think they disappeared sometime during the 17th century.

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Video: macOS Sonoma top features and changes.

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When selecting the security group, make sure to select the one which is defined for the Services. If no errors were encountered till this point then you have successfully completed platform installation. Those who don’t fly away probably had their wings clipped, specifically the flight feathers, which are crucial for flying. The blue-throated macaw of northern Bolivia, the sizeable green macaw of north Colombia and Central America, and the Lear’s macaw of Brazil are some of the most in danger of extinction.

Installation and Setup – Necessary Software Packages

This is to allow any traffic between the instances in this group. This is to allow any traffic between platform security group and services security group. We have three types of deployments in OVF Configurations Small, Medium and Large .We need to select based on requirements,configuration for production is Large. This beautifully red, yellow, and blue parrot is one of the most beautifully unique parrots globally. Like you can imagine with a Red-fronted Macaw, they’re incredibly mischievous and animated parrots, making them a very curious parrot. As you can tell by their name, a Great Green Macaw is an excellent predominantly light green parrot with shades of blue and red.

  • The blue-throated macaw of northern Bolivia, the sizeable green macaw of north Colombia and Central America, and the Lear’s macaw of Brazil are some of the most in danger of extinction.
  • However, the captive breeding of macaws has put a significant strain on the wild population, as many people seek to buy baby macaws as pets.
  • Most macaws nest in holes of trees or in earthen banks and cliff sides.

Earlier we had seen that we can use leaf-list to represent an array of primitive types. However, there will be cases where complex types like containers need to be returned in a list. Notice that in this example, we used the “grp-ticket” grouping to expect ticket as the input type. We then used a string type as the output to represent the newly created ticket id that gets returned by the method.

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Any entities defined in the service api descriptor (in yang/json format) need special handling. On running the code-generator on the service api descriptor, it gives us an interface for the entity and a implementation (which is internal & not meant to be instantiated directly). This file contains the details about the service including the namespace, name and version of the service.

Some species also eat damp soil, which may help to neutralize chemicals in their fruity diet and ease their stomachs. Macaws are beautiful, brilliantly colored members of the parrot family. The red-fronted macaw can fly as fast as to 40 miles (60 kilometers) per hour. Hyacinth macaws Andorhynchus hyacinthinus in the care of humans have a median life expectancy of about 25 years.

Blue Throat

Included are variants with and without IR context from a large science

corpus (corresponding to angles QMC→A and QM→A respectively). The Challenge300 dataset of 300 diverse probing examples can be found in

challenge300-probes-v1.jsonl. The basic Q→A output

from Macaw (at different sizes), as well as outputs from GPT3,

Jurassic-1 and

alternate T5 models trained on NaturalQuestions, can be seen in


Once the installation/verification is done, the user can move to the Platform Installation section. If DNS is not available in your network, you can use the IP Address of the host. In this have the below entry in your /etc/hosts file on the platform Host. The only requirement is for the instances to reach the outside world. It is typically recommended to get the public IP assigned by default by the AWS so that the instance can be accessed externally for any troubleshooting.

While macaws are generally hardy birds, they can be prone to certain health issues if their needs are not met. Macaws require a healthy diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as quality protein sources such as eggs and lean meats. They should also have access to clean water for drinking and bathing. Macaws may also need regular grooming and veterinary care to stay in good condition.


Everything about them is big, from their voices to their attitudes. Colorful and often raucous, they call attention to themselves even when quiet. Once logged to Macaw instance under Oracle Compute Cloud, verify the following from the command prompt using CLI.

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We now have to reuse/refer to that container as the output type of this rpc method. In order to do that we use “grouping” yang keyword, which is explained below. Microservices are typically implemented as stateless processes running in clusters with all underlying state stored in a database. However, there are some usecases which require support for Stateful microservices. As you can see above, we use the DomainEntityInstantiator.getInstance().newInstance() mechanism to create an instance of the desired class. Note that the DomainEntityInstantiator is specific to this service.

From there onwards the user can publish services by simply using its directory name service1-dir. Macawpublish tries to locate service directories with reference to an environment variable “MACAW_SERVICES_HOME”. Lets assume the structure below is what the user has for microservices development.


Not dealing with these entities directly gives us the flexibility to change the serialization/deserialization mechanism without affecting any existing code. For example, take a look at quickstarts/todo-list/api/json/todo-list.json. It defines a domain entity called todo which is used in the rpcs for this service. Within the impl directory you will see a etc/docker/Dockerfile file. It comes with the basic necessary content to containerize the nodejs service. As noted previously, irrespective of what language we choose to develop a service, the structure, semantics and usage of the Service API descriptor remains the same.

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Vagrant provides easy to configure, reproducible, and portable work environments built on top of industry-standard technology. Vagrant is controlled by a single consistent workflow to help maximize the productivity and flexibility of the user and their team. For more details on Vagrant Installation, refer to the Vagrant documentation. This section of the document explains how to create the AWS security group for platform and service VMs.

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Macaws are fascinating creatures that can live for up to 60 years in the wild. The lifespan of a macaw in captivity can be even longer, reaching up to 80 years! These majestic birds are known for their extraordinary intelligence and stunning beauty, which has made them popular among pet owners and bird enthusiasts around the world.

Make sure the environment variables below are to the service during the provisioning. For ‘Macaw Services Home’, select a location where you want the Macaw microservice project artifacts to be generated. With this the PC/Laptop setup is finished for development environment.


This driver and all its dependencies (jars) are kept in the quickstarts/todo-list/impl/src/main/lib folder. The ant build script (impl/build.xml) adds any jars in lib to the classpath for compilation as well as bundles them in the service distribution that it creates. Like previously, this service too has a api, impl and tools directory. The structure, semantics and the contents of the api folder is the same as that for the Python service. Next step, validate this contract and use it to generate archetype of a microservice project.

  • As a result, conservation efforts are focused on protecting their habitats and promoting sustainable use of the natural resources they depend on.
  • In this guide, we will pick one of the SDK quickstart examples.
  • If you are using a unique tag name, the macawpublish script creates the tag definition in MDR and then publishes.
  • The Service Manager Option of the DevOps Console provides a comprehensive functionality pertaining to Macaw Microservices.
  • If the user doesn’t have an external NFS server, they can install and enable NFS on the platform host.

The Service Blueprint doesn’t need to know about this specific mount point. Refer to the Configuration section on a precise explanation of platform and provisioner configuration. It further elaborates on what changes can be made and what needs to be done after changing the auto-generated configuration. Macaw setup assists in generating the necessary platform and provisioner configuration. The section below provides the Macaw setup sequence with a detailed explanation on  various prompts. Macaw tool set supports standard Python PIP-based installation.

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