Sobriety is a great connector, and making friends in sobriety has been one of the best surprises of ditching the drink. My social calendar is full of fun alcohol-free activities and events. I have friends that still drink alcohol and I have new friends that don’t.

And so I’m the kind of person and I’m trying to I’m this is where I’m in a fixed mindset, and I’m trying to grow. I’m I what, I’m not good at something, I just don’t do it. Adjusting to a life without alcohol can feel like a major transition.

The Sober School

And Wow, fantastic, you know, and fortunately, because I was otherwise healthy, and I was having a decent number of supplements and all the rest of it. The term ​“sober-curi­ous” is used to describe the deci­sion to decrease the amount of alco­hol you con­sume. As the name implies, it encour­ages par­tic­i­pants to scale-back their alco­hol con­sump­tion and/​or begin to exper­i­ment with an alco­hol-free lifestyle.

alcohol free lifestyle

Or then, when you get older, oh, well, we recommend, you know, 12-step meetings. And so, that was really the only thing that I was ever told that I could do besides, you know, go to therapy, and I was already doing that. So, you know, I that’s what I did for about, I’d say probably like two years. But then, you know, for me, I really grew out of it. And then I think especially as a young person in recovery, you know, I went to young people’s meetings and stuff like that.

What health ben­e­fits are asso­ci­at­ed with reduc­ing (or elim­i­nat­ing) alcohol?

Unhealthy alcohol use is often said to “run in families,” due to both genetic and environmental factors.³ Breaking the cycle of intergenerational alcohol use is an empowering experience. Being able to have my children witness firsthand what a happy alcohol-free life looks like is my greatest accomplishment. By walking away from alcohol, I have changed the trajectory for future generations.

  • And I just felt like I couldn’t get that from what I was doing.
  • You also may start to realize that alcohol was a bigger part of some of your relationships than you thought.
  • It’s funny, because on the one hand, you think about, you know, stopping drink, Houthi well, so all you’re doing is not doing something.
  • While you’re likely seeing a sudden influx of new wine brands offering lower-ABV versions of Cabernet, chardonnay, and the like, rest assured that you don’t need to abandon “real” bottles to find low-ABV options.
  • When under the influence, your loved one may become angry and lash out.

And you know, you’re going to be supported and not judged, no matter if you choose to stay if you choose to go, if you come back and forth, you know, you’re always welcome. Yeah, I love that because I actually, so we quit drinking about the same time I just hit five years, a couple weeks ago. And when I first kind of was like, oh shit, I have a major issue with drinking, and I might actually have to stop and fuck, this is my worst-case scenario with eight years ago. And so at that time, I found some, like, secret private Facebook group, where people were, you know, trying to go booze free, and that was huge for me. But when I first posted there and connected, you know, there really was only a, maybe a couple other things, but a was the main way. So, you know, a woman who lived in Seattle, I was in Seattle, she was around my age, you know, seem to have very similar interests.

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